TS Compress

Based on an environmentally neutral and degradable surfactant, we have developed an additive that acts as affinity enhancer in soil consolidation and reduces the compaction energy required.

TS Compress acts as an "installation aid" so to speak. The effect of the Van-der-Waals forces and hydrogen bonds is used to achieve improved compactability of the existing soils even without binding agents. Thus, the capillarity of the soil to be compacted can be suppressed without the use of binding agents such as lime and cement and consequently without clogging the pores. 

The Proctor curve shifts to the dry area. This increases not only the shear strength, but also the plasticity in cohesive soils. As a result of the increased binding forces of the soil components, it is also possible to install soils with slightly increased water content. Even after water retention, the compressive strength remains constant (CBR value).

The use of TS Compress is suitable for simpler compaction of cohesive and non-cohesive soils using conventional equipment. The product can also be used cost-effectively in combination with conventional binders in the mixed construction.


Currently in patent check, available soon.


The dosage of the additives depends on the properties of the particles of the soil to be compacted, i.e. the dry density and the corresponding optimum moisture content.

Properties of the unimproved soil:

Dry density (in t/m3)

Optimum moisture content


1,49 litres

additive in 1m3 compacted soil