When developing Terrasolid®, it was especially important to us to combine economic efficiency and environmental protection. We were looking for a solution that would save on expensive raw materials and construction time while eliminating negative impacts on the ecosystem. In fact, we found a solution.

With Terrasolid®, soil replacement becomes a waste. Even soils that are otherwise not sufficiently compactible and sensitive to frost can be converted to usable material for road construction. Therefore Terrasolid®can simply be added during standardised soil improvement methods. Compared to conventional soil improvement with lime and cement, considerable amounts of binding agents can be saved and the structures remain permanently stable and less sensitive to water.

Mode of Action

According to a very simple principle and using only harmless ingredients, our additives cause an additional ion exchange. The efforts of the individual soil particles to balance the charge ensure maximum compression. The result is a relatively ordered structure with minimized pore spaces and the highest possible dry density. Soil consolidation with Terrasolid® additives can therefore lead to improved properties with significantly less binder. The additional ion exchange through Terrasolid® also prevents the setting of the cement to take longer than necessary as a consequence of humic acids and other soil components, as the highly active ions of the additive counteract with those.

Soils treated with Terrasolid remain permanently insensitive to water and yet relatively elastic, so that unwanted shrinkage and swelling and thus cracking are minimized. As a result, the required frost resistance is achieved.