US Soil Stabilisation

German standards for the construction of traffic areas cannot be directly compared with international standards. In the following, the German standards are therefore compared with the widely used American regulations called "AASHTO".


The principle of engineering is always the same:

Soil stabilization using fine lime and cement has already established itself in the construction industry. This method is ultimately based on soil values that can actually be measured. This means that almost any existing soil can be worked in such a way as to improve its load-bearing capacity and frost resistance. Through the use of our additives, the cement content can be reduced to a minimum, so that the building costs can be reduced to a minimum. 


A sample calculation:

By using an additional soil stabilization of 10 inches, a mineral layer of up to 10 inches can be saved when the soaked CBR reaches 20% by a stabilization method.


  • 10 inch base course = 10 USD minus 2 USD for soil stabilization of the subgrade with additives
  • 8 USD per m2 plus disposal costs, transportation of 10 inches earthworks materials can be saved
  • 20% more favourable through savings of binding agents than a soil stabilization (soil consolidation) "with only cement"
  • up to 60% of cement savings

Further information, including a draft presentation of our product, can be found under "Downloads".