TS Ions

TS Ions is a binder addition. The agent consists of natural biopolymers and alkaline earth salts, which act as affinity enhancers and form insoluble compounds with the soil components present.

TS Ions combines the advantages of conventional methods for soil consolidation and improvement with cement or lime. Even higher proportions of organic soil components and humic acids of up to 8%, which otherwise impair the hydration and reactivity of the binding agents, are absorbed by the additional ion exchange. The areas can therefore be rebuilt and driven on more quickly, which significantly accelerates the construction process. Entire frost protection layers can be produced using this process.


Protected by "German Patent and Trade Mark Office".


The dosage of the additives depends on the properties of the particles of the soil to be compacted, i.e. the dry density and the corresponding optimum moisture content.

Properties of the unimproved soil:

Dry density (in t/m3)

Optimum moisture content


1,49 litres

additive in 1m3 compacted soil