TS Emulsion

The innovative TS Emulsion is a highly concentrated mixture of macromolecules of special food grade silicone oils synthesized with degradable surfactants. The surfactants are pH-controlled so that the solidified soil becomes water-insensitive due to the increased pH value of the hydraulic binders and limes. 

The TS emulsion is particularly suitable for permanent and capillary-breaking consolidation of F1 soils in the base course area. Consequently entire frost protection layers can be produced using this process.


Protected by "German Patent and Trade Mark Office".


The dosage of the additives depends on the properties of the particles of the soil to be compacted, i.e. the dry density and the corresponding optimum moisture content.

Properties of the unimproved soil:

Dry density (in t/m3)

Optimum moisture content


1,49 litres

additive in 1m3 compacted soil