Terrasolid® can be used both in soil improvement and soil consolidation.

Soil improvement: During earthworks for road and traffic surfaces, soils that are not sufficiently compactible and sensitive to frost are improved by using our additives to make them installable, load bearing and conditionally resistant to frost.

Soil consolidation: Working soils with Terrasolid® additives results in frost resistance and an increase in the load bearing capacity even with minimal amounts of cement.

With the help of the various Terrasolid® additives, almost any existing soil can be improved and treated for frost resistance. The replacement of frost-sensitive and non-load bearing soils can thus be avoided. This not only reduces costs, but also makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

The actual soil improvement or soil consolidation happens preferably in the mixed-in-place process. Together with hydraulic binding agents, the respective Terrasolid®additive is milled into the soil that should be consolidated. For an optimum effect, the mixture of existing soil and additive is finally compacted.

soil samples determine the mixing ratio


apply Terrasolid together with hydraulic binder


homogeneous milling into the natural soil


compaction for optimal effect