The benefits of using Terrasolid® additives in road and traffic area construction are manifold. In many tenders, soil replacement is required. But this always means a time and resource consuming and therefore ultimately uneconomical work step.

With Terrasolid® also existing soils that are otherwise not sufficiently compactible and sensitive to frost can be installed immediately, which results in the following advantages:

  • A soil exchange becomes superfluous.
  • The construction of traffic routes with Terrasolid® is carried out using established construction methods and is compliant with legal regulations.
  • For private clients, full crediting to the frost-proof superstructure is possible.
  • The procedure is safe thanks to individual suitability tests.
  • Resources are conserved.
  • No delayed setting of the binder due to humic acids and other soil components.
  • The infrastructure around the construction site is not unnecessarily damaged.

Unique Results

Layers treated with Terrasolid® are in no way inferior in quality to the traffic surfaces produced by conventional methods - on the contrary. The desired degree of compaction is achieved easily. Due to the ionisation of the soil colloids, layers treated with Terrasolid®also have properties that cannot be achieved with conventional methods.

  • Coatings treated with Terrasolid® are solid and yet flexible.
  • The resistance and load-bearing capacity of the soil is increased.
  • The capillary suction of the treated layers is suppressed and makes them insensitive to water.
  • Frost resistance is achieved on all existing soils with only little amounts of cement.
  • Treated layers can be built over and driven on more quickly

Enormous Efficiency

Terrasolid® makes soil replacement a waste as not only from an ecological point of view, but also from an economic point of view, the use of Terrasolid® offers enormous potential savings for the client and contractor.

  • Compaction costs less time and energy.
  • Landfill, logistics and transport costs are minimized.
  • Binding agents are saved.
  • Coatings treated with Terrasolid® are more durable than conventional coatings.

And of Course It Preserves the Environment

A special focus in the development of Terrasolid® was on environmental protection. Construction companies are often in conflict between economy and ecology. With Terrasolid® the question of whether to build economically, but at the expense of the environment, or vice versa, is no longer relevant. By improving soils with Terrasolid®, you can actively protect the environment and thus also improve the environmental balance and the image of the construction project.

  • The Terrasolid® additives are environmentally neutral.
  • The reduction of material transport significantly reduces COconsumption.
  • Resources are conserved in particular due to the low demand for gravel.
  • Existing pollutants are immobilised in the soil matrix solidified with Terrasolid®.
  • The environmental balance of the building improves due to the low cement content.