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Based on a mixture of macromolecules of special food-safe silicone oils and surfactants.



Functions as ion exchanger and bounding agent to form insoluble compounds between the soil components present.



An adhesion promoter for soil stabilization that is based on a degradable surfactant and significantly supresses capillary suction.



Road and Traffic Area Construction

Soil consolidation with lime and cement has meanwhile established itself in industrial and road construction and is gaining in importance against the background of rising costs for landfill and raw material. However, high cement content often causes the consolidated layers to become very solid, brittle and thus inflexible. The setting of the floor can take longer than necessary. In addition, high cement content not only complicates the processing, but ultimately also any subsequent disposal of the soil. With the additives of Terrasolid®, however, frost resistance can also be achieved with a minimum of cement.


  • Traffic areas can be built faster, more energy and resource-efficiently and thus, overall, much more cost-effectively.
  • Soils treated with Terrasolid®are solid and yet relatively flexible and insensitive to water.
  • By improving the soil with Terrasolid®, you actively pursue climate protection and thus also improve the environmental balance and image of the construction measure.
  • The process is established, safe and compliant with guidelines in road construction.