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A special focus in the development of Terrasolid®was on environmental protection. Construction companies are often in conflict between economy and ecology. However, as environmental protection is increasingly of political interest, companies have less and less leeway to decide whether to build economically or in an environmentally friendly manner. But the environmental challenge of reducing CO2emissions also requires changes in the frameworks for building operations. The short construction times that clients expect, but also the conservation of resources required by the laws of more and more countries, necessitate the use of existing soils and their environmentally compatible recycling.

Soil improvement and soil consolidation with the aid of Terrasolid® additives offer an economical way of optimally meeting these requirements. By working existing soils with Terrasolid®, the costly and uneconomical step of soil replacement can be dispensed with. This means that an unnecessarily high consumption of resources does not burden the environment or the budget. In addition, material logistics and transport and thus also CO2emissions are reduced.

Terrasolid®additives are also environmentally neutral and degradable, which means that they do not have a negative impact on the ecosystem. On the contrary: Pollutants already contained in the soil matrix are bound by the Terrasolid®additives. This means that by working soils with Terrasolid®, you can actively protect the climate and reduce construction costs at the same time.